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Monday,14 Jun 2021 00:59am GMT

Enhancement Programme

English language has never been more important as a shared international platform of understanding. Personnel engaged within the education sector internationally will fully appreciate the value that good English language skills can confer on their career as an education practitioner. It is rapidly becoming an essential skill and levels beyond mere proficiency are required to compete effectively when looking for higher education roles, both at home and abroad.

The stimulus for the trend towards the use of English language is coming from a number of sources including globalisation and in a higher education context, internationalisation. By adopting English, institutions place themselves in a stronger position to attract overseas students to them which also brings income to them. 

An added benefit is that improved English aids communication between multi-cultural teaching, management and administrative staff.  Progressive institutions are actively encouraging their staff to upgrade their skills to recognized European standards in anticipation that this may one day become an educational requirement.

Oxford Academy for Education and Development is an expert provider in this field, offering an extensive English language enhancement scheme to overseas colleges and universities. The scheme is ideal for institutions striving to achieve higher standards of English for the benefit of their institutions.   

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