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Tuesday,25 Feb 2020 08:49am GMT


Higher and Further Education Institutions

All higher and further education institutions outside the UK are eligible to apply for Higher Education Learning Quality Standard (HE-LQS) Certification. Any university, college or education provider that offers any of post-secondary, vocational and professional training courses can apply for the certification.

Higher Education Learning Quality Standard (HE-LQS) accords with professionally recognised UK educational guidelines and takes into account the good practice of educational processes within the higher and further education institutions in the UK. 

The certification process is comprehensive and transparent, enabling your institution to benchmark your academic and administrative practices against an appropriate set of educational quality standards. It also enables you to identify those areas requiring further development and improvement.

The HE-LQS addresses the following areas:  

1. Teaching/academic standards

2. Learning opportunities, facilities and resources

3. Management structure and operations

4. Research

5. Staff development

6. Student experience and expectations

How to apply:

  1. First choose the level of certification you would wish to acquire (Interim or Full Certification). For more information on certification levels please click here
  2. Complete the Certification Application for Higher Education Institutions Category  
  3. Provide all the required supporting documentation to go with your application.
  4. Pay the right application fee to OAED's bank account and include your receipt to go with the application form.
  5. And finally submit all of your completed application form, your documentation and the receipt of your payment by email to Certification Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 2015 Certification Fees:

The certification fees consist of two elements, the application fee and the annual fee. These are determined by the certification level you are applying for and the size of your institution. To determine the size of your institution, we will take into account the number of your employees.

The application fee is payable upon submission of your application but the annual fee is only payable when the Certification Committee approved your application and just prior to issuing the certificate for your institution.

For full certifications, the institution should also cover the costs of the inspection visit. These costs include an inspection fee per inspector per day plus travelling and accommodation costs.


For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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