Empowering Women in Higher Education

The question of gender inequality is still a fundamental concern in higher education. Women participation in universities has grown significantly in recent years. Nevertheless women’s experience and engagement in academic and administrative life at the universities still will have to improve to meet women’s expectations. This unique bespoke programme intends to focus on women’s role in academic and/or administrative life in the academia with the view to empower them both as individuals and as team members within their institutions. The programme draws in expert consultants in the field who will dissect various aspects of gender equality, women representations and inclusion with reference to the best practice in the UK higher education as a leading example.

Programme topics include but not limited to the following:

  • The developing role of women in universities
  • The state and higher education -widening participation, inclusion and diversity
  • Gender disparity in employment and career development
  • Coaching women towards authenticity in their career
  • Insights into empowering women: implications for recognition and equality
  • Developing women leaders in education
  • Developing strategies for career promotion for women in leadership
  • The role of women in change management
  • Significance of women’s studies
  • Empowering representations of women

Duration and Location
This is an intensive four-day programme which will take place in Oxford.

Upon successfully completing the programme, you will attend an award ceremony and receive a Certificate of Attendance from Oxford City Academy for Education and Development.

For more information, dates and on how to apply please contact fsmart@oxfordacademy.org.uk

23-27 September 2024
Venue: St Catherine's College, Oxford
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