Oxonia University Network was established in May 2013 by a group of senior executives from universities in 17 different countries participated in our Leadership in Higher Education Programme, who committed to forming a new network for the purpose of collaboration and partnership among member institutions.


The Oxonia University Network considers diversity, cooperation and continuous quality improvement as the fundamental values of its members; sharing the common doctrine of advancing internationalisation both for individuals and on behalf of the institutions connected to it.

The Network assists and promotes the sharing of best practice in higher education and supports the exchange of enterprise including physical resources; initiatives; research collaboration and scholarly activities amongst its members. The Network aims to provide mutual support to its members towards establishing 'Centres of Excellence' in academic quality and research that will facilitate a more competitive presence in the global higher education arena.

Joining the network offers members the opportunity to belong to a worldwide community and demonstrates a commitment to internationalisation and the broadening of education opportunities for all. Universities also understand that graduates need skills that will enable them to become employees on graduation as well as masters of their own destinies, believing they can found their own businesses and contribute bright ideas that will help to change society for the better.
The Oxonia Network was launched in May 2015 and Oxford City Academy has continued to work throughout with many of the founding members.

The network was formally launched by Deputy Lord Mayor of Oxford on the 12th of December 2013 at St. Catherine’s College, the University of Oxford.

Dr. Clark Brandin-Oxonia Honourary Chancellor (middle), Mr. Tony Brett-Deputy Lord Mayor of Oxford (right), Dr. Heirani Moghaddam-OAED Chairman (left)

Dr. Clark Brandin-Oxonia Honourary Chancellor (middle), Mr. Tony Brett-Deputy Lord Mayor of Oxford (right), Dr. Heirani Moghaddam-OAED Chairman (left)


Map of Oxonia Network

'Universities completely understand that research is key to their rankings in the league tables and that for many of them, collaborating offers a way of further extending their research capability and expertise. In many instances Universities are already working together on some of society's biggest challenges, sharing resources and knowledge to improve the world we live in. The pandemic demonstrated this perfectly by fast tracking covid vaccines through shared research and has reminded us all of the power of working together as one and at pace.'

Dr. Heirani Moghaddam

Oxonia Network Secretary General

Currently the network President is Prof. Abubakar Adamu Rasheed, Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission in Nigeria.

Professor Abubakar Rasheed

President of Oxonia University Network

Oxonia International Conference 2015

Award Ceremony

Oxonia International Conference 2015

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Malaysian Delegates

Oxonia International Conference 2015

Oxonia University Network Membership

All delegates who have attended one of our programmes in Oxford, are automatically invited to become a member of the Oxonia University Network. The Network offers exclusive access to a private Linked In group where members can discuss issues, ask or answer questions posted there, as well as to share successful outcomes from their own institutions. It provides an opportunity to maintain and build a personal network of HE contacts on a global scale, placing members right at the heart of higher education, without borders and it also enables members to share best practice, as well as any issues they may need collective wisdom to help solve.

For information on how to join the network please contact us via info@oxfordacademy.org.uk